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Our goal is always to partner with subcontractors who can best comply with our high standards and requirements to deliver top performance of the highest quality in a timely fashion.


Bid Documents: 

For current bid opportunities  or to obtain more information on a listed project please contact Estevan Zepeda

Any subcontractor interested in working with INDECON Builders or is currently working with us, must be prequalified in order to be awarded a contract. Please download the application below; and please note the following: 


Have the following documents ready for electronic upload with your submission. All submitted documents, including financial documents, are sent to a confidential document storage folder which can only be viewed by our financial reviewer.

The following documents must be submitted with your application:

1. Current Financial Statement: Income Statement & Balance Sheet 

Must be for the most recently completed fiscal year or calendar year, twelve (12) months 

If you are a new business, and have less than twelve (12) months of financial data, contact  Our team will work with you to determine the best course of action.

2. Bonding Capacity | Letter of Bondability

Not the actual bond, please.

3. Certificate of Insurance

4. OSHA Forms 300 & 300A 

Please provide the last three (3) years, if you are an existing subcontractor please only provide last year. If exempt from OSHA record keeping, please provide a statement with the reason for your exemption as your submission.

If no injuries indicated on 300A, please still include OSHA Form 300.

5. EMR History

Please provide past three (3) years 
IMPORTANT: If EMR is equal to or greater than 1.25, please include a Letter of Explanation and Safety Program / Procedures / Policy Improvements


6. Line of Credit Letter 

7. General Liability 

8. Workers’ Compensation 

9. Form W-9

To prequalify with INDECON Builders, click on the following link to complete the online application: 


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