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Successful design-build delivery requires experienced professionals, exceptional communication, full team integration, and a commitment to working collaboratively — all hallmarks of INDECON Builders. Through our extensive experience, we have developed innovative, team-based best practices to facilitate a seamless, unified project approach.

We partner with some of the most highly-regarded architects and engineers in the state. Drawing upon our established network of industry professionals, we are able to quickly assemble design-build teams that possess the right blend of expertise and skills to satisfy the specific requirements of any project.

Whether constructing a state-of-the-art operating room or building a multi-story office building, our professionals drive the design process and add value by providing input on constructability, budget, sustainability, and logistics.

Our fully-integrated design-build teams blend ongoing design and active construction from start-up through commissioning. Operating with full knowledge of the project’s goals from the onset, we ensure that our client’s vision for the project is executed flawlessly during construction.

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