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Our commitment to continuing education for lifelong learning allows us to analyse the ever changing external environment, and learn the newest construction and building techniques to deliver optimum solutions to our clients. This unique company core value allows us to better provide more effective use of our client's capital investment(s). 


Lean Construction is modeled after processes first seen in automotive and manufacturing. Lean techniques help eliminate waste and streamline project efficiency. From proper resources, at the right place, at the right time to maximize value to our clients. The main goal of lean construction is to keep the design and construction team working on well-defined deliverable's at a predictable pace and to eliminate re-work and down-time. We’ve woven Lean into all aspects of the construction phase to work faster and smarter for you.


Modular construction is the process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designed to the same codes and standard as conventional buildings. Buildings are produced in “modules” that when put together on site, reflect the original design and specifications of even the most sophisticated buildings. This mode of construction allows the building to be constructed faster, smarter and greener. 


We implement Virtual Design and Construction / BIM technology to provide three dimensional coordination of mechanical, electrical, and structural components in confined spaces to identify conflicts and produce resolutions before putting work in place.  


BIM provides us with a common platform for improved communication, collaboration, and interoperability among all parties involved in the development, design, construction, operations, and maintenance of a facility.


INDECON Builders is committed to accommodate our clients and investor’s needs for sustainable design and construction to support their goal of being an environmentally responsible corporate citizen.

The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED®, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, certification is a symbol of distinguishment many owners strive to achieve on their projects. Green design helps reduce the facility’s operating costs, increase value to your tenants and is good for the environment.

We help our clients plan and implement sustainable design strategies from the onset of their project to ensure it meets LEED® criteria and the project will be awarded a certification.

For more information on sustainable building and USGBC LEED® certification standards, visit: U.S. Green Building Council, Energy Star, California Energy Commission

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